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Feb 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
feinstein teeth -- dianne feinstein leads offer press conference with the pastor saying that if you're a good christian you have to be for the otherwise you don't care that kids are getting killed all around the country ends : essentials is. this is what the left best chance for. i'm going to discuss what it is we face in the other part of it is how we fight this because it is an overwhelming lead attempt -- attempt but to shut us out and to count people into being quiet because it is much easier to go of your daily business not being called a racist, sexist, biggest come homophobe who hates every minority. to begin, they are the institutional bullies. most of my books are about institutions, university system, hollywood, media. the reason the right has losses because we think individually in the left things institutionally. whenever you see someone getting get sucked in boc leftists getting sucked in these conversations because they're too busy taking of the media. the left things institutionally. they won a top down dictation a policy. they understand something. because we don't think
Jan 31, 2013 8:00pm EST
introduced doesn't include this. prior to the introduction h -- in new york cuomo and feinstein suggested if they could get everything registered they could have forced buy back. which i know you own the shotgun, now you're going sell it to the government. that's confiscation. in modern times there are two other reasons why we don't want the federal registry. one took place in new york. where somebody got ahold of the list of licensed owners and published it and the results have been not good. the other one is -- doing the same thing. there was a time when assume the best of motives on the part of the government. they could take a list and lock it in the vault and be secure. we can't secure national defense secrets now. the odds are if we kept the registry. it's illegal now. if you go through the dicks system, they can check you but they can't keep the record. because it's checked and there's no gun registry. candidate imposed a big registry that would abolished because it costs billions of dollars and didn't do anything. back in the '60s between '60s and '80s people had to keep track of
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
course, representing. the senators from san francisco and california, the 49ers, senators feinstein and boxer. speaker pelosi was with us yesterday in new orleans. and thousands of fans from all over the world and, of course, watching on television. and i think -- i wanted to make a note on this floor, not because it was just a sporting event -- although it's one of i think the highest watched super bowls ever in the history of the game, but, mr. president, because of the role that this congress played and the administration in helping this great city and region and state rebound from what was a devastating body blow 7 1/2 years ago when hurricane katrina and then rita hit three weeks later and then the levees broke anin over 52 places, the city wt virtually underwater, at least two-thirds of the city. and to see 7 1/2 years later the city rebound, the people of new orleans and louisiana are just foremost in my thoughts right now for their fighting spirit, theirry sell yancy, their unwilling -- their resiliency, their unwillingness to give occupy this special place in will celebrate its
Jan 31, 2013 11:00pm EST
this, prior to introduction of a lot in new york both governor cuomo and senator feinstein suggested they could just have everything registered means they could have a forced by back i do you own that they will sell it to a government which is confiscation. but there are other reasons why we did not want the federal registry, one is where somebody in new york with they got the list of owners and results have not been good. there was a time assume all the best motives of the government, they could lock in the vault but we cannot even check your -- superior national defense secrets, if you go through the system they can check you but they cannot keep the record because it is checked. canada imposed a registry that they just abolished because it costs millions of dollars in did not do anything. between the '60s and '80s they had to keep track of the ignition and they finally said it makes no sense. ammunition is a commodity with tens of paperwork. so what works and what doesn't? >> you mentioned democrats better members of your organization it seems maybe the most prominent is harry rei
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4